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We offer a variety of tools and information to help you avoid scammers and track them when you suspect you have found one.

First we recommend that you use Spokeo to begin, as this is one of the most complete services available!

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Chris H
I went on a dating site called lovething. I met 16 fakes. One asked me for a phone, another sent me a doctored passport in the name of Beverly Willis, D.O.B. 25/03/1980, from Austin Texas. She wanted £650. Another has professed her love for me but is asking me for money. She swore on her bible to be true to me but now I wonder. Another name is Rachel Heintz. I informed the site but they have done nothing. The fakes are still there!! I’ve met a girl from Ghana who seems real, but I’m not so sure now. She… Read more »
Robert Harmony

The Ghana scammers have been contacting me. They pretend to want a forever love relationship, and they profess their love on day one, then ask for money on day two. Google Hangouts seems to be a haven for them. Their stories are all basically the same, and they usually ask if I have ever chatted with Ghana women and how many women I might be talking to. I hope they all get caught up, or at least find another line of work

lloyd raygor

check out hitwe . com there is a lot of scammers there I have had 4 women wanting me to send them money one I just met last Friday 6/10/2016 one even told me she was a scammer on a text message

James Sixtus

The journalist Nicholas van Pelt has written an honest, judicious guide for western men interested in dating Filipinas. He lived in the Philippines for more than a decade and has been married to a Filipina for 25 years. You can score Kindle or paperback editions Understanding Filipinas, by Nicholas van Pelt at is a responsible, judicious guide, not the romantic crappola that gets western morons into trouble. They go for nonsense on forums. Idiots advising idiots. No damn wonder Filipinas think they’re are dumber than rocks and milk them for every dime possible. Western men need to educate themselves.

Royal H Irwin

I married. A filipino. Went. And. Met her in the philippines. Love. This lady she. Does not ask. For my money . But. I am finding it costly to get her. Here yo the USA. I am not. Making. Another visit to her. We. Are getting. Her paperwork set for her visa ….